Stop confusing software engineers with coders

In a sea of under-qualified candidates…
Every recruitment error is a waste of money, time and energy.

You finally have the ability to see through appearances to hire the best tech you can get.

UltimCert programming exam

Introductory offer

The ultimate solution for always hiring top techs.
For our early customers, we have launched an offer compatible with the needs and budgets of start-ups.

what’s included

  1. 10 technical assessments a month for greater confidence in your recruitment process
  2. Webcam surveillance for enhanced safety

  1. Candidates manually corrected by an experienced developer to help you build a quality team
  2. Fast and easy to use for both you and the candidate to save you time

Monthly subscription

€499 ex VAT


Ensure the quality of your recruitment

Recruitment poses a significant challenge, with the market flooded with underqualified candidates.

In the past, these were the methods used to identify a strong candidate:

• Search for someone who held a similar role for several years to the one you're offering. However, top candidates often have diverse cross-functional skills gained from other positions. And forming a team lacking diversity reduces the ability to adapt effectively to changes.

• Assign a coding project to be completed within several hours. Yet, the most qualified candidates often have personal or professional commitments that prevent them from dedicating such time.

• Conduct an interview with a CTO. However, they'll have time to ask only a few questions.

Motivation is worth 10 times more than a diploma!

We assess candidates on a wide variety of subjects with challenging questions in order to reveal their personality.

To attain the highest UltimCert score possible, candidates must have:

Significant experience across a wide variety of projects.
This demonstrates the adaptability required for rapid and successful integration.
Extensive teamwork experience.
This demonstrates an aptitude for teamwork and collaboration.
Engaged in numerous ambitious projects.
This demonstrates time management and organizational skills.
Undertaken a variety of personal projects.
This demonstrates a spirit of initiative and innovation.
Possessed substantial general technical knowledge.
Demonstrate curiosity and interest in IT projects like yours.

These points are highly important and enable you to recruit individuals with a growth mindset.

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Companies hire junior, advanced or expert IT engineer. But the assignment of these levels is not standardized and is subject to bias. With UltimCert, we assign this level reliably, so that companies can hire with complete peace of mind.