Find out how we test

The webcam and screen are recorded. Answers are manually corrected by a developer.

We will ask 165 questions that are as revealing as possible: they cannot be answered by chance, as this is not an MCQ.

The questions on this page will not be included in the exam. They are given as examples.

UltimCert programming exam


Name two "new generation" formats that often offer better compression than PNG or JPEG


What does :s/1/2/g do in vim?


What is the name of the organisation that develops and promotes Internet standards?


What is the name of the effect that describes the tendency of people to use all the time allotted for a task, regardless of the actual time it takes to complete it?


Write an example of a nested ternary operator


What is a DEX in cryptocurrencies?

This test is for beginners and experts in equal measure!

The candidate must answer the questions intuitively, without cheating, in a very short time.

Based on their answers, we can certify their level. This level represents a percentage of your computer knowledge:

Junior 10% - Middle 20% - Advanced 30% - Senior 40% - Expert 50%

On average, the test takes about an hour.